The Beskidy Mountains are my “professional cradle”, because it is here that my journey as a guide began. It was in 2009 when I obtained the license and took the solemn oath of mountain guide. Since then, I have not only worked here, but also spent my free time

I see the Polish Carpathians as a borderland, and such a location has beautiful consequences. That is my interpretation of these mountains. All these consequences have a common denominator – diversity. Besides, they are homely and friendly


The sharp rocks of Pieniny protrude above the surface like raisins from dough, and the Dunajec river cuts deep right through the range, creating one of the most beautiful river gorges in this part of Europe


The gentle slopes of the Gorce are just opposite the rocky Tatra Mountains, as if they were created for vast views. All thanks to the huge amount of old pastoral glades. The statement that the mountains have been a natural shelter for people in times of danger for centuries has a particular importance here. Additional mystery is added by unexplained inscriptions on the rocks

Beskidy Mountains - Babia Góra

The legendary Babia Góra, moody in terms of weather, the highest peak of all Beskidy Mountains, is more accessible than it usually seems. It is located in a heart of the national park and has several trails. Years ago, only paths of smugglers carrying goods to and from Hungary crisscrossed the summit. After all, it is a borderland

Beskidy Mountains - Lemko region

It is a real treasure trove of wooden architecture and cultural exoticism. At the same time, it is a journey to a world that does not exist anymore; the past presence of the local folk can only be read from roadside crosses, Orthodox churches or overgrown, feral orchards. This area is definitely less crowded than the popular Podhale region, and offers real magic