I have my own way of seeing Krakow. It is a perspective of a man who was not born here, but has lived here for several years. Because of this, I look at the city and its inhabitants differently, although undeniably also with a great deal of fascination. That is why I became a licensed city guide in 2012 and I work on the cobblestones of Krakow, helping my guests to understand this city

I always adapt the route and the sights to your needs, depending on whether you want to see the most important monuments or local places, museums or rocks on the outskirts, cultural events or places with good food, craft beer, a lot of soul and captivating stories. Below are just some examples of neighbourhoods that I can show you

The Old Town

It’s really old, but well-preserved at the same time. A coffee at a table placed against a 700-year-old wall? This is nothing extraordinary in Krakow. The guides make the centre as their own place. We say ‘hi’ as as we pass each other on the street, we know people working in restaurants, cab drivers, shopkeepers and bartenders. The Old Town is touristy, but also local to us. Unique in its uniqueness. This image I will show you here.


It is a unique part of the town where the pre-war culture of Polish Jews blends with an alternative atmosphere of art, avant-garde, cosy cafes and pubs. I left a part of my heart at this neighborhood, having lived here for 7 years


A place which, on the one hand, witnessed the gruesome fate of Krakow’s Jews during the Nazi occupation; on the other, it attracts you with charming walking areas around Krzemionki, where Krakowians often go to picnic. It also offers a great view of the city from Krakow’s oldest man-made structure – the Krak’s Mound

Nowa Huta

The youngest part of Krakow erected as a unique “ideal city” as imagined by the Communist leaders. In the same time it can easily take us several dozen years back in time and tell inspiring stories of the Cold War working-class and leaders standing up against the oppressive system that pretended to represent them